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The Baobab Hotel Café is located in Morondava, the capital of Menabe. 3 star hotel in Morondava, our friendly hospitality invite you to spend your vacation or your mission in our hotel of 28 rooms.

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Visit the fauna and flora of the region with Menabe guides Baobab Café. We offert six best local tours: Baobab Alley, Tsingy of Bemaraha, the reserve of Kirindy, Belo Sur Mer, Kirindy Mitea and big game fishing. Free Reservation.
<i>Baobab Café Hôtel à Morondava - Madagascar</i> At the hotel's indoor <i>pool is a large</i> Visit the <i><a href='/en/circuit-Madagascar/kirindy-mitea-Morondava_5.html'>Tsingy of Bemaraha</a></i> with Baobab Café travel Morondava Baobab Café Hotel in aerial <a href='/en/Groupe-pecher/gros-poisson-morondava_0.html'>Join the big fish group</a> <a href='/en/Circuit-Madagascar/alley-of-baobabs-Morondava_1.html'>Visit the Alley of Baobab
The Baobab Café located in the capital Morondava Menabe offers peace, comfort and relaxation. Near the Mangrove, and beachfront, the hotel has 28 air conditioned rooms of which 8 are equipped with a double and 20 twin (a double and a single), wireless internet connection. They are quiet and spacious and equipped with satellite TV, minibar, safe and sanitary individual.
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Belo Sur Mer Tourist center Menabe!

Tourist center Menabe!

One of the few ancestral cradles of Sakalava Menabe, Belo sur Mer is a popular place for tourists and holidaymakers visiting in Morondava. How many people have fallen in love while contemplating the natural beauty of this land of ethnic Vezo. At the edge of the Mozambique Channel, Belo sur Mer is located south of Morondava,  three hour speedboat our boat (fisher boat).
This small village is surrounded by a beach with fine sand, adorned with palm trees. This is a Vezo fishing village before becoming an emerging tourist destination in the region of Menabe. To the surprise of some visitors, there is no "hotely gasy" in this small fishing village, however, rural town in the district of Morondava.

Vezo large village, consisting of 2,000 inhabitants, Belo sur Mer is accessible from Morondava by the sea all year round and during the dry season, with 97 kilometers of track. Belo sur Mer is known for the expertise of its shipwrights who excel in the construction of dhows, large wooden boat, schooner rigged, like privateers of old vessels. Legacy of expertise in a browser who ended his days.
The village saw the tides which prevail and bring the sailing canoes of the fishermen.

Surrounded by great activity in saline, Belo sur Mer faces several coral islands located about 18 kilometers. Around and between these islands, offers a diving exploration in bottle to enjoy beautiful coral flower and a fixed life intense. It is also possible, from Belo, from fishing to start, Popper, with handlines, ...

Less than expected Sainte-Marie, but equally majestic humpback whales frequent more regularly off the beaches, good chance to see them between June and September.
In continuation of the implementation of the Protected Area Land, ANGAP or Protected Area Association of Madagascar, is working on creating a future marine park covers an area of 4000 km2 encompassing seven patches of coral reef between North of Andranopasy and Belo sur mer

Hotels in Belo sur Mer offer you a wide choice of services.

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